Cancer and the depths

Thanks to little-known animals, we are getting closer to discovering a cure for cancer. Our saviors are sponges… yes, sponges, those animals with intriguing behaviors, such as continuous filtration. Some species can move up to 4 millimeters a day in their adult form. A substance has been discovered in sponges living near Japan that increases the chances of curing breast cancer by 20%. The drug produces toxic substances that target cancer cells, inhibiting cell division and inducing cell death.

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It’s ugly, brown, lives in the depths, and all you can see is light, do you already know what it is?

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In 1938, off the coast of Africa, a lucky fisherman stumbled upon an extraordinary discovery: the Latimer fish, thought to have been extinct for a staggering 66 million years.

Pigbutt Worm

Scientists are still trying to determine whether this worm is a larva or an adult. It is difficult to determine because these worms grow to be 5 to 10 times larger than other hatopteroid larvae, which suggests that it is an adult.